Digital Nomad Job Challenge

What’s the challenge?

Well, my dream is to become location independent and to be able to travel around the world while working from my laptop.

Sadly, working in a lab for 10 years wasn’t that useful to start a ‘career’ as a digital nomad and I have not techie skills whatsoever. I researched the best online jobs, but didn’t really find one thing that stood out of the 10-20 jobs that were always mentioned.

So I did what any reasonable person would do and set myself a Digital Nomad Job Challenge to try as many jobs that can be done online as possible! I’ve now narrowed it down to 12 jobs for now and I document my progress here.

Every month I write a detailed Digital Nomad Income Report and break down exactly how much money I made with each job. I also plan to write in-depth guides on how to get started with each job and just updates on what I’ve learned about the digital nomad lifestyle.

Also a non-techie? Why not join me?

12 jobs. 12 months. 1 Big Dream!

These are updates from my challenge and also some of my income reports:

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