Who is Square Hippie?

My name is Jenny, I’m 32 and half German half British. I’m a multi-passionate chemist, full-time traveller, foodie, beginner-yogi and wannabe digital nomad!

I’ve always been a little odd, let’s say a little bit of a contradiction. I’ve got a PhD in science and I also volunteer with Greenpeace. I try to eat mainly vegetarian but the German in me just can’t say no to bratwurst. I enjoy a few days at a quiet yoga retreat just as much as a weekend in Disneyland.

Square Hippie Mexico Cliff Pool Tree Pose Yoga

You see where I’m going with this…. I’ve decided to embrace my different sides instead of trying to be happy with just one and that’s why I called my blog Square Hippie!

Here’s a short version of my story and how I ended up travelling full time:

Square Hippie at Oktoberfest in Munich
I grew up in Munich in Bavaria, known best for our world famous Oktoberfest, with my parents and my brother, Bebab, leading a pretty happy and normal life. Through all of my twenties, I studied chemistry, experimenting in the lab, playing with liquid nitrogen … you know, as you do as a chemist.

I studied hard and even got my Ph.D. in the end.


But after nearly 10 years I got so bored that I never wanted to work in a lab ever again.

Square Hippie Science Chemistry

So I did what every reasonable grown-up would do:

I ran away to travel the world!

Two years later I’m somehow still travelling and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made!

I’ve snorkeled with turtles, climbed the Inca Trail with food poisoning, sailed on a pirate ship in Australia and drank tequila in Mexico! These last two years have definitely been the most amazing of my life, full of adventure, new friends and yummy food!

At home, most of my friends and family think I am bat-shit-crazy and that I’m wasting my education.

The thing is I never thought I’d be away this long, it was only supposed to be a

12 month

trip, as a treat for working so hard, but I realized early on that I didn’t want to return to get a mortgage, job and settle down.

Then I found out about digital nomads and their location independent lifestyle, working on laptops while travelling the world.

Holy moly! That’s exactly what I want to do!

Easier said than done though, especially without a tech background.

But becoming a digital nomad is my big dream and that’s why I moved to Thailand for an internship at Koh Space, a co-working space on Koh Phangan, where I will be working my butt off to make that dream happen.

I’ve set myself a Digital Nomad Job Challenge in which I’ll be trying out every job under the sun that I can do online, even if I have no clue how to do it.

Square Hippie is my blog where I’ll be documenting the ups and downs of becoming a digital nomad as a multi-passionate non-techie!

Please join me for the ride!

Jenny xx

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