Ok, so let’s get down to business. Literally.

Last month I announced my Digital Nomad Job Challenge in which I will try out ten different jobs that are frequently recommended for aspiring digital nomads.

I started out with freelance writing, because it’s easy to get started and because I stumbled upon a job.

The reason I’m doing the challenge is, that I want to find out if it is actually possible to become a digital nomad, with little to no tech-background, but a lot of passion (and desperation!). It’s also a great way for me to learn new skills, see what I like and don’t like, and to keep myself accountable. Seriously, there’s no better way to force yourself to apply for 100s of boring Upwork jobs, than having friends and readers ask me how the challenge is going.

But after all this talk about trying different jobs, the question I hear you all asking is this: how much money am I actually making? And is it enough to survive in Thailand?

Let’s find out!

I’m gonna cheat a tiny little bit here because we actually arrived in June, but to be honest the first month went by in a blur. We spent the first weeks catching up with friends, applying for the digital nomad internship, finding a place to live and work, etc.

Income report

Job #1: Freelance SEO writer

Number of articles written: 38

Pay per article in US$6-7

Total: $256.

After Paypal Fees: $245.42

Hours it took me to write them: 17.3 h

Average hourly rate: $14.19


Job #2: Fiverr seller

Number of gigs sold: 1

Total Pay: $20

After Fiverr Fees: $16

Hours it took me to design the banners: approximately 4

Average hourly pay: $4


Job #3: Voiceover for Android app (one off job found on Facebook)

Total Pay: 400 baht = $11

Hours it took: 1

Average hourly pay: $11


So what was my total digital nomad income for July?

After Paypal and Fiverr fees: $272.42

Is this enough to live in Chiang Mai? Or Koh Phangan?

Of course, not!

Yes, Chiang Mai is super cheap but even here you will struggle to live off that little. However, as I track all my spendings I calculated that my income covered 46% of my outgoings for July, which is pretty awesome considering it’s my first month.

Luckily, I still have some (not much) savings from my year in Australia and I was able to support myself in Chiang Mai during July.

Considering I hadn’t even thought about getting a writing job, I think it’s a pretty nice income, though. I learnt some new skills, met some new people and even had fun.

Stay tuned for August’s income report, my first month on Koh Phangan.

Over to you!

Are you trying to be a digital nomad? How do you make money online?


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