You guys, I wrote a book!

Ok, it’s just an e-book, but still, I’m pretty excited!

I had the idea recently while I was going through all my old blog posts to update them and add photos.

I came across a three-part series that I wrote a few years ago, called “Oktoberfest Survival Guide” (check out part 1, part 2 and part 3). At the time, I was looking for ideas for an e-book and this one definitely sounded like fun.

I’ve always loved Oktoberfest (close to being obsessed with it) so it made total sense to write about it.

I thought about what I could share with people and realised that there wasn’t really a comprehensive guide about how to enjoy Oktoberfest on a budget. I’ve basically been broke my whole life, in high school, throughout college and even in grad school, but I still managed to have a good time at Oktoberfest every year. That totally makes me an expert, right?

And so, “Oktoberfest on a Budget: More Beer for your Buck” was born. I’ve just published it on Amazon, and it’s available for Kindle now!

Oktoberfest on a Budget (1)

It was clear to me that I had to write it quickly, because Oktoberfest was just a few months away and I really wanted it on the virtual “shelves” before that.

Thankfully, writing about Oktoberfest was a lot of fun, so it didn’t really feel like work, and I managed to write a lot since we arrived on Koh Phangan. I finished it in just under a month, Simon edited and formatted it for me, I designed the cover on Canva and voila! I’m an author!

If you are planning a trip to Oktoberfest this year, or in the future, then please give it a read, it’s only $4.99. Even if you’re not on a strict budget, there are many useful tips in there on transport, accommodation, scoring a table in a beer tent, what to eat and how to order like a local. I really hope you find it helpful and a little bit entertaining, too.

Now, over to you. Have you ever wanted to write an e-book? About what?



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