I feel like a total fraud even writing this because I still can’t believe that it’s actually me I’m talking about. But it’s true, I checked. This weekend marked the one year anniversary of Simon and I leaving London for our eagerly awaited round the world trip. But hang on! Is it even a round-the-world trip if you don’t actually make it all the way around the world? Hmmm, not sure, but as it’s in my blog name I’ll just stick with it. We didn’t quite make it all the way around the globe because we ran out of money (surprise, surprise!) and “got stuck” in Australia where we are currently working weird jobs (beer wench, anybody?) in order to travel more. But more about that another time. For now, I present you, a 365 day (almost) round-the-world trip in numbers!

1 couple

2 backpacks

6 flights

11 countries

41 cities/towns

64 beds (1 hammock)

48 long distance bus rides (7 overnight)

26 long distance boat rides (1 overnight ferry)

1 train

3 cars (1 convertible)

1 donkey pulled carriage and 1 golf cart

9 pairs of sunglasses

7 Mayan ruins

12278 photos and counting (after editing)

1 (serious) bout of food poisoning & 1 dengue fever each

approximately $40000 (for two)

an estimated 365 fights

And… one hell of a good time 🙂

Obviously, a few numbers can’t even begin to describe how incredible, funny, weird, exciting and at times frustrating and scary the last year really was. But I promise to get back on the proverbial blogging horse (I don’t actually get on real horses, they scare me a little) and share lots more stories and experiences of our trip. So, cheers to the last year and I can’t wait to find out what the next 365 days will bring!

cheers in ometepe

Nothing better to toast with than some nice Panamanian rum! Cheers!

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