Ok, this is it. We booked our RTW tickets today! Wow, I thought I would be absolutely psyched when this day came but to be honest: I am pretty freaked out!

The first few hours after I booked were a bit hazy and it only really hit me when I saw the status next to our first flight: Confirmed!

On October 10th 2013 it will finally happen.

We will leave the cold European winter behind us and jet to sunny Lima, Peru (btw need to start offsetting that carbon footprint).

So why, I hear you ask, am I freaked out? Well first of all, let’s face it: RTW tickets are expensive. Like, really expensive. I have never in my life spent such a big amount of money on anything so it better be worth it!

But I also only realised that I won’t be seeing my family and friends for a whole year. I’ve never been away from them for so long and I know it’s going to be tough. Hopefully we can meet some of our loved ones along our trip, that would make it even more special.

All sorts of questions were racing through my mind: Are we crazy? Will we spend all our money and get stranded in Malaysia? Do I have to eat guinea pig in Peru? But after the initial panic I remembered what this trip means to me. My lifelong dream will come true and I will have Simon by my side to share all the amazing experiences with me. Hiking the Inca trail in Peru, visiting the Amazon rain forest, Tequila in Mexico, gambling in Vegas, snorkeling in Fiji and witnessing the beauty of the Taj Mahal. This is going to be bloody awesome!

In the meantime, Simon seems to be pretty relaxed about the whole thing. That might just be the way he is or it just hasn’t hit him yet. I will keep you posted.

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