Digital Nomads

What are they and how do you become one?

Who are digital nomads?

The secret’s kind of in the sauce, uhm, name here.

A Digital Nomad is someone who travels (that’s the nomad part) and who also works online (that’s the digital part). Digital Nomads do all sorts of crazy jobs, many of them are very techie due to the work being online, but many are also not too techie at all. Most digital nomads love travelling and chose their online careers as they allow them to be location independent, the only thing they all need is: WiFi.

Find out more about what digital nomads do in my blog post “So you want to be a digital nomad?

Digital Nomad Job Challenge

Square Hippies Income reports as a digital nomad

How am I planning to become a Digital Nomad?

Being a chemist, I’m not really techie enough to be a digital nomad, at least not on paper. That’s why I set myself a quest to learn as much as possible and to try ALL THE JOBS in my Digital Nomad Job Challenge to also become location independent.

I’m constantly adding new jobs to my list and documenting my process on this blog so please check in regularly 🙂

Digital Nomad Resources:

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