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Non-techie turned digital nomad! 

Do you dream of becoming location independent so you can travel around the world and work from wherever you want?

Or maybe you want to make some extra income by freelancing but have no clue where to start? Well, you’re certainly not alone, and definitely in the right place! On my blog, Square Hippe, I document my struggles as a complete non-techie to create a location independent lifestyle. In July 2015 I had no idea where to start, there was so much conflicting advice out there, so many “simple” guides to becoming a digital nomad. So what did I do? I set myself a challenge. I was going to try out ALL the different jobs that I could do without a tech background and document my progress (and earnings) along the way. I invite you to join my Digital Nomad Job Challenge: 12 jobs, 12 months, 1 big dream!

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Digital Nomad Job Challenge

Square Hippies Income reports as a digital nomad

How am I planning to become a Digital Nomad?

Being a chemist, I’m not really techie enough to be a digital nomad, at least not on paper. That’s why I set myself a quest to learn as much as possible and to try ALL THE JOBS in my Digital Nomad Job Challenge to also become location independent.

I’m constantly adding new jobs to my list and documenting my process on this blog so please check in regularly 🙂

Digital Nomad Resources:

Square Hippies Income reports as a digital nomad
Square Hippies Income reports as a digital nomad
Square Hippies Income reports as a digital nomad

Here are some blog posts to get you started:

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